UHLMANN, T.S.; BATTAIOLA, A.L. Applications of a Roleplaying Game for Qualitative Simulation and Cooperative Situations Related to Supply Chain Management. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1ed.: Springer International Publishing, 2014, v. 8527, p. 429-439.



This article presents the current stage in the development of a serious game. The main goal of this game is to provide an environment where students and professionals can train Supply Chain Management (SCM) accordingly to a qualitative point-of-view. The Serious Game consists of a Roleplaying Game system for SCM training and simulation, where players simulate, as characters, organizations placed into a Supply Chain with mutual interdependence relationships. During the play session, players respond to situations faced in a simulated organizational setting (a market, a producer or consumer of goods and services) and experience the challenges of an organizational environment. The research method consisted of four consecutive phases: research, development, application and evaluation of this game. The article concludes pointing future possibilities to use the game system in purposes related to SCM area, such as Quality and Environmental Management, Health and Safety, development of new products and services, among other.