UHLMANN, T. S., SANTOS, E. A. P. ; MENDES, L. A. . Process Mining Applied to Player Interaction and Decision Taking Analysis in Educational Remote Games. In: 15th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation, 2018, Düsseldorf. 15th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation (REV2018), 2018. v. 1. p. 504-513



The usage of Game-Based Learning in engineering education, especially games and simulations to foster students interest and motivation, has been gaining attention by researchers. The present study has as main objective to explore possibilities of application of Process Mining techniques in the analysis of interactions among players, and the involved decision taking processes, in non- digital games. The analysis was applied to board games and to interactive remote experiments enhanced with ludic elements (remote games, as long as the game structure keeps similarity with board games). Activity logs collected during both board and remote game sessions were analyzed through process mining techniques available in ProM 5.2 software. From results, positive hypothesis were established regarding the applicability of process mining in finding behavior patterns presented by students playing educational games.